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I'm excited to announce our Remind ME Programs that I customized to help ME stick to my NEW YEAR NEW ME goals and get ready for my wedding in July! I'm sharing my set up of these 3 Goals I have set for myself to help me stick with it in these 3 areas: 

Remind ME-I Love My Spouse (52 week program)

Remind ME-I want to Lose Weight (52 week program)

Remind ME-My Friendships are Important (52 week program)

There is a $1 fee per month to join these goal groups, but that's only $12 for the year and you'll get simple set up guides to help you write down your Why's, Your Actual Goals, and then the How's! We all know if you say you want to do something but don't have a plan on how to accomplish, it ain't just magically gonna happen! You gotta take steps and actions to get there, and I've got just the process to help you easily get there. You will also get a weekly set of tools to keep you moving toward your goals, which are also mine, and a group to chat with and share your success and struggles

! You've tried doing it your way, now try my Remind ME plan today! 

There are also FREE challenges on our page, created just for you to get motivated, have fun and change habits using food, fitness and fun as our inspiration and are looking to include more topics in the future. If you have a challenge you'd like to add, just submit in chats and we will create one for you.


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