Astrology & Tarot Services

First Time Birthchart and Tarot Reading

Experience a one-hour astrology and tarot reading designed for first-time clients curious about Coco's Astrological/Tarot services. This session includes a brief overview of the clients natal chart to uncover key astrological insights and a single tarot reading to address the clients most pressing question. Perfect for those new to astrology and tarot, this appointment offers a comprehensive introduction to the wisdom and guidance these practices provide. Book your session today!

*Please note: It's imperative that you know your exact time of birth to be able to receive any of these services provided. 


Astrology Services

Astrology for Parents and Children


Understand your child's unique astrological profile and how to support their growth and development. This reading offers insights into your child's personality, strengths, challenges, and educational needs. Learn how to nurture your child's potential with the wisdom of astrology.

Learn Astrology


Book a "Learning Astrology" session to explore the basics of astrology and engage in chart analysis. We'll cover foundational concepts like zodiac signs, planets, houses, and aspects. Participate in hands-on chart analysis and enjoy collaborative learning in a supportive environment.

Perfect for beginners and those looking to deepen their astrological knowledge.

Astrological Counseling


Receive ongoing support and guidance with regular astrological counseling sessions. This service provides a space to discuss your current challenges and opportunities with the help of astrology. Gain ongoing insights and strategies to navigate life's ups and downs.

Natal Chart Reading


Discover your cosmic blueprint with a comprehensive natal chart reading. This session explores the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, providing insights into your personality, strengths, challenges, and life path. Understand your unique astrological makeup and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Ask Anything: Horary Astrology Sessions


Discover the ancient practice of horary astrology with our "Ask Anything" sessions. Seek answers to your questions by analyzing the exact time, date, and location of your inquiry. Book a one-hour session, and I will cast a chart to interpret the celestial patterns for meaningful insights. Ensure you provide the precise moment the question arises—take a screenshot with your smartphone. Note: If via combusta (15° Libra to 15° Scorpio), we may need to reconsider the question.

Tarot Services

30 Minute Reading


Embark on a 30-minute journey of celestial wisdom with Socorro's Astrology/Tarot reading. In this brief yet enlightening encounter, Socorro uses her expertise to interpret the messages of the cards and stars, bringing clarity and insight to your life's current chapter. Whether you're navigating a challenge or seeking personal development, this reading is a window into the wisdom of the cosmos, offering guidance that resonates deeply with your journey.

60 Minute Reading


Step into a realm of profound insight with Socorro's one-hour Tarot and Astrology reading. This session is a gateway to the Universe's wisdom, tailored to guide you toward your soul's true purpose. Whether you're grappling with life's challenges, standing at a crossroads of decisions, or seeking to deepen your connection with the collective human experience, this reading is designed to illuminate your path. Ideal starting point for first-time clients.

2 Hour Reading


Embark on a transformative journey with Socorro. This is not just a reading; it's a voyage to the very core of your being. Socorro will guide you back to the day you were born and take you on a cosmic walk through the chapters of your life. Utilizing a unique tarot deck acquired in Paris from a genuine French witch, she offers life-altering insights. Recognized as our 'Best Value' offering, this reading ensures a comprehensive and holistic approach to your journey.

Birthday Reading


This personalized session is the perfect way to commemorate your own birthday or to offer a unique and insightful gift to someone dear. Socorro skillfully combines the wisdom of Astrology with the insights of Tarot, aligning each reading with the individual energies and themes of the birthday. This approach ensures a deeply customized and reflective experience rooted in the celestial influences unique to the special day.

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Meet our Amazing Astrologer

Socorro Erekani Carrillo Lopez