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About Me

I am a former respiratory therapist with 13 years of experience in the field. In 2006, I also expanded my expertise by becoming a licensed massage therapist. However, it was a personal health challenge in 2012 that led me to reevaluate my family's approach to healthcare and embrace a more holistic lifestyle. Branching off yet again, I received adult and infant training in craniosacral fascial therapy (also known as the Gillespie Approach) in 2022 and have been thrilled to see progress in my clients since September of 2022. 

This health challenge, specifically an autoimmune condition in my oldest son, prompted me to become more aware of the chemicals present in our food and personal care products. As a result, I made significant changes to our family's healthcare routine and sought out cleaner, more natural options for our everyday needs. 

This commitment to low toxin living is also reflected in my business, where I prioritize using the cleanest possible options in every aspect of my space. From cleaning products to laundry detergent, and even the essential oils used in our diffuser, I strive to create a healthy and chemical-free environment for my clients. Even our sauna was constructed without the use of adhesives or stains to support detox in the cleanest possible way. 

In addition to providing services, I also curate and sell hand-picked wellness products that reflect my commitment to quality and purity. These products are ones that I personally use and believe to be of the highest quality within a moderate price point. 

I am passionate about supporting others on their own wellness journeys and am excited to walk alongside you in pursuit of a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.