Best dance class EVER. Joanna is a badass and so welcoming. Everyone I’ve talked to who takes her class agrees that her classes are so uplifting. The choreo is so fun and easy to pick up. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at or even if you aren’t coordinated - people come here to sweat and have a blast and get more comfortable moving their bodies. Even if you show up in an off mood, you will leave Joanna’s class feeling like a goddess. - Chelsea F. 

I have been dancing in Joanna’s class for over two years and I can confidently say you won’t find a better dance class in Durango! Her energy is next level and her music is so fun! You will leave her class feeling both energized and exhausted, in the best way! Give her a try, you won’t regret it! In addition to a dance instructor, Joanna is a masseuse and amazing! So intuitive and thorough. She asks great questions leading up to the massage so that all your needs are met. My daughter sustained an injury during a sporting event and Joanna helped her to heal properly. Truly, Joanna and Live Well Durango is a whole health experience!      - Christen R. 

Joanna has such a special approach and understanding of both body work and dance - the body in general. I’ve been attending Joanna’s Dance Fit class and cannot express enough on how special and wonderful this class is. I highly recommend Joanna’s classes to anyone wanting to move their body in a fun way for fitness, fun and connection ✨ and cannot wait to visit her for massage as well! - Elsa J.