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Healthy Food

Food changes can be confusing and complicated, I love helping to offer ideas and simple recipes to enhance your nutrition

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Movement is KEY to a well oiled machine but may not be as easy to jump into as is once was. We can share great tips and keep you accountable on your road to health.

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Stress Managment

Reducing stress can play a massive role in health and wellness, discover tips and tricks to add a bit of stress relief into your everyday life

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What is health coaching?

Change in routines can be hard and all the health options can get confusing and overwhelming. A health coach can be a helpful way to move towards your goals without getting lost and overwhelmed. 

We can cover many different topics such as ways to increase your movement and metabolism, Sleep better, Reduce stress, Eat with more intention, Enhance your digestion, and find ways to reduce your overwhelm.


Meet Your Coach

Julie Gramentz has been helping people enhance their health since 2011. In her own journey through food addictions she discovered the path to freedom by understanding the WHY behind our need for healthy choices. She loves sharing the simplicity to making good choices and setting others up for success by helping create a simple plan. 

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